3 Sites to Learn to Code from Home

It’s no secret that technology is playing a huge role in our jobs, and no matter what the industry is, computer science in some form will be present. Computer science skill is in demand, and many people may find themselves wanting to learn coding themselves, but not really sure where to go or have to resources. That is where these three websites come in. They are all easy and free to use, and in no time you’ll be learning coding from the comfort of your home.


If you haven’t checked out codeacadamy, then you really are missing out. This website is a great tool to learn while you are creating coding projects. They offer very organized and instructional lessons that keep the coders’ attention, but offer results, too, as often a sample website is built at the end of the lesson. They even track your number of days spent on the website and keep points earned through lessons.


Code.org teaches code to anyone who wishes to spend an hour on a lesson. The website breaks down the different types of coding through making your own programs and apps, greeting cards, and even games!

There are even lessons that go beyond an hour for a deeper understanding of coding. They even have contacts and links to help one find a school and classes.


Learn Code the Hard Way teaches code to those willing to learn with a “less talk, more code” philosophy. This gets people learning code without tripping them up with confusing vocabulary that hasn’t been learned just yet.

Learn Python the Hard Way is a free book written for total beginners of computer programming, and learncodethehardway.com offers more courses and lessons online. The Learn the Hard Way series been praised for the amount of information learned in an effortless way.

5 Reasons Every Kid Needs to Learn to Code

While learning code and incorporating technology into classrooms and teaching plans may seem strange and just an extra cost for the school or parents, technology and computer science skills are rapidly taking over the job market.

There is a high demand in jobs for people who are highly skilled in computer science and coding, as there is a skill shortage in this field. A child in school should learn coding and computers even if they do not wish to work in that field, as all industries now involve some component of computer programming.

Still not convinced? Here are some reasons why children need to learn coding and computers:

Computer science teaches a child how to think and problem solve

Students are forced to take risks and engage in problem solving process through trial and error. They’ll get out of their comfort zone and take a chance, all while making logical choices in solving a problem or code. When analyzing the errors of a code, the child learns how to break down and analyze real world problems in more manageable parts.

Life lessons are learned

Lessons such asking for help if they need a second pair of eyes, learning from mistakes in code or not, and learning that persistence pays off are just a few.

Creativity is expanded

Coding and websites can become a new form of expression and building something from the ground up.

Other subjects in school become more manageable

There is much reading, dealing with numbers, and critical thinking that goes into coding that can be translated to all different subjects.

Success can be achieved computer science

Students can even work themselves up to a millionaire status by creating and selling apps and software. Coding and computer skills can easily be translated to many fields and markets as well!

Top Makeup and Beauty Apps

Ok. So this article on beauty apps is mostly for my lovely girlfriend. She’s a mascara nutlike, a true mascara addict. Anyway, many beauty enthusiast turn to magazines and online articles to beauty and makeup tips, however, now they can have all their favorite makeup and beauty tips and trends at their fingertips with apps! Take your favorite advice to go, and get quick beauty tips if needed, on the go.

The apps that you need are ones that will keep you feeling beautiful, and inspire you to be the best version of yourself. Here are some of the best apps, free and paid :

Amazing Face


This app is amazing for quick, dire situations such as a brutal hangover before work or having a cold sore or zit before a big date or night out. Author and columnist Zoe Foster gives tips and advice ranging from tutorials, shopping lists, beauty tips, and ultimately a peace of mind.



This is an app for when you have found all the products you want, and just need some inspiration to get you going. It offers specific tutorials for nails, makeup and hair. If you’re feeling something in particular, like a wavy hair tutorial, just search it!  Great app to have if you’re a beauty blogger, too!

Makeup For Ever Pocket Studio


Great for detailed step-by-step tutorials, this app will help you achieve any look you’re going for. Even though the product only uses their makeup, it gives advice on a wide range of makeup styles and techniques from artists.

Pretty In My Pocket


If you find yourself standing in an aisle of cosmetics wondering what product is actually going to work, you’re not alone. This app will help you separate hyped products from one that gives desired results. Simply scan the makeup products with the app on your phone, and immediately get hundreds of reviews right there along with tutorials. Never blindly buy a product again!

5 Reasons WordPress is Awesome for Hobby Blogs

Let’s talk about WordPress. Unique hobbies are a great way to connect with people all while building skill and exploring your favorite hobbies.  For example, those who love hunting may be more drawn to hunting & survival knife blogs that offer tips and sites for hunting. Reading a hunting blog may  lead you to a hobby blog about camping, which may offer different recommended sites and materials.  You may even learn new techniques and skills of hunting and camping successfully. Many people enjoy a vast variety of hobbies and appreciate reading about them on blog sites such as WordPress.

Whether you are looking to start a hobby blog yourself, or wondering if WordPress hobby blogs can offer what your looking for: here are 5 reasons why WordPress is great for Hobby Blogs

It’s totally free.

Really. It is. Hundreds of hobby blogs are available at your fingertips for no extra cost. If you’re trying to start a blog yourself and cannot afford or want to hire anyone to set it up, no worries! WordPress has an easy to follow format, and all updates to the software and site are completely free as well.

Inspiring you to add more content

When you create a blog with the tools of WordPress, or just come across a well-done Hobby blog, you can see the progress of the work displayed for everyone on the internet to see, fueling you to add more.

Social Network Friendly

WordPress can automatically and effortlessly link your blog to social media connecting you with other enthusiasts in your hobby or field!

Controlled Discussions

You approve comments made before anyone ever sees them so those Internet Trolls or spammers can go somewhere else.

Easily add pages and ideas

WordPress allows easy, fast, little technical skill on your part to add information, even to an already existing post of yours from the past.

3 Awesome Smart Watches to Look Out For in 2014

2014 will be a progressive year in the field of smart watches as we are expected to see some smart watches from top brands like Apple, Google, and Samsung.  However, as we wait impatiently for these brands to release their products, it’s important to look at the models out now to see and compare the technologies later on.

Pebble Smartwatch

This watch is a favorite among costumers as it set a new record for crowd source funding on Kickstarter.  While the Pebble Smartwatch is your best choice for watches on the market now, espeically with its spectacular GPS watch functionality. It’s important to note that it is an incomplete product and will have advances and updates coming on later in the year.  Pebble smart watches are designed to function independently, but also act as an extension of the user’s smartphone providing message alerts and app interaction.

Martian Smartwatch

One of the most elegant watches in design, the Martian Smartwatch is designed to be used only as an extension of one’s smart phone. It comes completed with hands-free commands with messages and alert displays on the watches’ screen. There is even a smartphone camera control. This makes the Martian Smartwatch perfect for anyone who wants something “smarter” without carrying a minicomputer around their wrist.

I’m Watch Smartwatch

Arguably one of the best modern looking smartwatches on the market, this Italian made watch is meant to be linked up with your Apple or Android device. One of the main aspects of I’m Watch Smartwatch is the ability to answer calls right from your wrist. However, the sound quality seems to need work, leaving the phone the better option. The CPU and minimal RAM are insufficient to meet the needs of the included applications, however, but this a new watch on the market and will be updated with new software.